Eugene Khazin

Principal and Co-Founder

As a principal and co-founder, Eugene Khazin drives Prime TSR’s mission to help clients modernize the technology that powers their business. His patience and acute ability to find the needle in the haystack of technology quandaries have led to the development of proprietary diagnostic tools and processes to assess clients’ business challenges and design their roadmap for success.

Eugene has helped his clients sleep better at night by tackling their most pressing IT challenges during the day. He has spent his entire career architecting and managing data platforms, with broad experience at large corporations including Motorola, Playboy and Career Education. Prior to Prime TSR, he was a partner at Database Edge, a database performance and scalability consultancy, where he solved seemingly unsolvable problems more efficiently and quickly than competitors.

Eugene resides in Chicago with his wife Kate and son David. He enjoys skiing and is passionate about artisanal coffee.