Our IT strategy consulting services help clients create new revenue streams, enter new markets, and design innovative customer experiences with a modern enterprise IT strategy.
Infrastructure Strategy
Today, stable and scalable infrastructure can be built with fewer support resources than ever before. Our IT strategy consulting services help organizations develop a focused, strategic infrastructure that will uncover new information, enable new innovations, and reduce the reliance on wasteful IT spending.
Application Strategy

Smart applications are hyper focused on customer needs, and drive performance instead of playing a supporting role. Applications are the lifeblood of any organization. They're also expensive to build, maintain, and many lack critical features that are needed to succeed in the market. We help companies create application strategies that enable their business and IT to service new markets, create new revenue streams and maximize user retention.

Cost Reduction Strategy

Nimbler organizations accelerate the business impact of their IT investments faster than their competitors. We partner with business and IT executives to identify high performing, as well as low performing technology sourcing investments, to create a fast-moving, Agile organization at a fraction of the operating cost.

Modernization Strategy

Legacy technology environments are expensive to maintain and difficult to support. Through IT modernization with Prime TSR, organizations can extend the lifetime of legacy applications, enhance business functionality, and reduce the total cost of ownership. Our IT experts help companies build a modernization strategy that provides a roadmap to how technology investment decisions are made.

Application Rationalization

With a focus on applications that create the most value, Prime TSR helps organizations to reduce their cost footprint and improve productivity. As companies continue to invest in new applications, our consultants look at the full stack with the elasticity of the cloud in mind. We identify which applications should stay on-prem, which should be modernized, or which applications are obsolete.


A well-designed strategic IT plan is an essential part of many successful organizations. There are several advantages to utilizing IT strategy services.

1. Alignment with business strategy and objectives: The IT strategy should show knowledge of business strategy alignment. Business plans that need significant expenditures in IT infrastructure or software solutions should be explicitly identified. IT leadership must be present at every business strategic planning meeting to ensure alignment.

2. Long-term efforts: For example, if one of your company goals is to improve your customers’ digital experience, you may wish to create a suite of cloud-native mobile applications over the next several years. Suppose the business lacks in-house mobile or cloud development capabilities. In that case, a related IT effort might be to form a development team and equip them with the necessary tools, procedures, and training they need.

3. Technology roadmap: Technology evolves naturally, allowing for better, faster, and cheaper service. Because technology is so vital in IT, it should be the focus of IT strategy examples.

4. Increased Uptime: When a business’ IT system goes down, the business is paralyzed. An IT strategy can define the most mission-critical systems and plan for backups to keep the systems safe even when the network goes down. We help our clients by setting them up with a strategic business continuity plan that will significantly increase their systems and server uptime.