Amazon Web Services & Prime TSR

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides Prime TSR’s clients with cloud services to modernize, scale, operate, and manage enterprise applications. Since 2014, we’ve used AWS services to accelerate our client’s time to results, improve reliability, and do more with less cost.

AWS Partners Network

We are honored to be recognized as a Select Consulting Partner, helping companies design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their application workloads. Through our close work together, Prime TSR and AWS enable enterprises and mid-size organizations to accelerate their journey to the cloud, achieve desired business outcomes and reach new, emerging global markets.

“I couldn’t be more proud of what our team has been able to accomplish leveraging our partnership with AWS.  Their relentless pursuit of innovation provides great synergies with what we’re accomplishing with our clients”

Josh Davidson

Principal and Co-Founder, Prime TSR

Our Credentials

As an official AWS Select Consulting partner, we utilize our deep consulting expertise leading transformation and digital enablement projects, and the benefits of our AWS partnership accreditation to help our clients grow.

AWS Experience 2017 -2019

+13 projects across healthcare and insurance industries

Prime TSR is an AWS Select Consulting Partner, working together to usher progress in insurance, healthcare, and beyond.

3+ Athena

5+ Redshift

10+ DynamoDB

10+ Aurora

20+ API Gateway

20+ RDS

20+ Lambda

20+ Cloud Formation

30+ Windows on EC2


We accelerate our clients’ journey to the AWS cloud through our architecture and application modernization services. We leverage AWS Lambda and AWS DocumentDB serverless services to transform legacy applications into modern, powerful, cost-efficient applications. We specialize in re-architecting and re-factoring large, mission-critical enterprise applications, including Microsoft Windows/.NET/SQL Server, in addition, to open source applications, all within AWS. Our work also includes implementing large, data-intensive applications for near real-time analytics and reporting applications using data warehouses and data lakes.

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