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application integration services

Prime TSR experts enable disruptive capabilities for organizations, such as machine learning and AI, through enterprise application integration and implementation.

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The digital transition requires an integration architecture strategy that will enable companies to share data more efficiently, focus on security, reduce financial risk, and increase the effectiveness of their enterprise applications.

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Cloud Services Integration

Cloud has opened up new possibilities of integrating disparate enterprise systems, offering the flexibility and scalability that organizations need when hedging against disruption. Starting with an enterprise architecture roadmap, we leverage our cloud platform partners to move data to the cloud and increase the capabilities of existing enterprise applications.

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On-Prem to Cloud Integration

Downtime is not an option for mission-critical applications. By integrating on-premises application with the cloud, organizations can achieve better performance that extends the lifecycle of those applications. We take a strategic approach and leverage best in class cloud technology platforms to bridge the new with the old.


From Ideation to Execution: Modernizing a Legacy Process into a Revenue Generating Healthcare Solution

We helped Vyne Medical digitize a manual, paper process into a new monetized cloud-based SaaS platform that streamlines multiple Medicare audits processes into a single, seamless workflow.

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Using Infrastructure as Code to Improve the Patient Experience

Prime TSR was approached by a health care company known for developing and distributing patient satisfaction surveys to build a reporting platform that would allow health care providers to identify improvement areas for patient experience.

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How We Transformed Farmers Insurance Customer Experience

Farmers partnered with Prime TSR to create a common definition and secure view of a customer, as an individual, across all product lines. This transformational project resulted in increased customer satisfaction across all lines of businesses, and the new ability for marketing to create a personalized cohesive experience across all of their product lines.

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