We help clients build a secure and scalable foundation for innovating in the cloud with a cloud roadmap, infrastructure design, and more.

Serverless Computing

We partner with the world's leading cloud providers to implement cloud computing infrastructure to keep our clients financially lean and ahead of the innovation curve.

Microservices Architecture Development

Organizations that are dealing with complex applications turn to microservices architecture to break those applications up into independent services. That's where we come in, to perform thourough application assessments before implementing a microservices architecture that scales and competes. By doing so, the application is easier to manage, faster to scale, improves agility, and overall, contributes to a future-proof organization.

Cloud Strategy and Assessment

Understanding how and where the cloud can help an organization has never been more timely. Our consultants work with both executive and technical teams in aligning, assessing, and documenting a cloud readiness roadmap that's specific to our clients' business objectives.

Application Migration

From formulating a migration strategy to rehosting and repaltforming, our experts help migrate applications from on-premises hosting environments to the cloud or from one cloud environment to another. 

Hybrid Cloud Services

For some organizations, legacy systems and on-prem environments aren't going anywhere any time soon. We undertand and we take a pragmatic approach to implementing cloud infrastructure where it makes sense. With a hybrid cloud infrastructure, we help organizations achieve scalability and security by connecting multi-cloud and on-premise resources, helping them transition from old to new.

Cloud Managed Services

Managing the cloud is a big task. It requires a big focus on cost management, security, DevOps, and constant monitoring. We work with organizations to manage all of their cloud services to optimize cost, operational efficiency and overall business impact.

Cloud Governance and Cloud Financial Management Solution

Growing organizations often see cloud costs spiraling out of control and blowing through budgets. Effective cloud governance requires a different approach to minimizing your cloud investments while enabling IT to scale their infrastructure in real-time.

Just because you’re running virtual machines in GCP, Azure, or AWS doesn’t mean you’re taking advantage of the cloud. To truly realize its potential and scale your applications, you first need to get everything off your web servers. That’s just a step one.

Jack Marchetti

Cloud Solutions Architect