Start your application modernization journey

We are here to help you modernize your legacy applications and add value to your business.

    Big bang is a bust

    We believe there is a better way to modernize your IT environment. We allow your organization to move quickly, without taking on all the risk of a massive 18-month “big bang” digital migration effort. It’s called application modernization, and it’s a win-win solution for everyone involved.

    Owning and operating outdated software and technologies can present a variety of challenges, especially when these platforms no longer align with a business’s goals. Modernizing legacy systems and technology can come with multiple benefits, such as saved time and money, as well as a reduction of system issues and bugs. Here are just a few important reasons to modernize an internal legacy system.

    Benefits of application modernization

    Maximize speed to market + response times

    Reduce risks + improve experiences

    Create immediate ROI + customer satisfaction

    Increased business value
    Save on operating costs


    Agility + speed = no-brainer.


    Fight the legacy monolith one container at a time.


    Security on day 1, not 100.


    Get to market faster, with immediate scale.

    We are biased for action

    We believe in four things that make application modernization effective.


    Organizations that use an agile approach to make decisions will outperform those who make fewer decisions slower.


    Cultural transformation will produce greater results than your best digital transformation plan.


    Change is the ONLY path forward.


    Tear through roadblocks and move past the unknowns. Challenges make us stronger.

    Applications we modernize

    Prime TSR offers application modernization services for a wide range of software and applications. When you work with us, you can be confident we will support your company’s different technologies’ growth, development, and architecture. Among the applications are:

    • SaaS applications
    • Legacy, custom software applications
    • Business Intelligence systems
    • Monolithic applications
    • Mainframe applications and systems

    How Prime TSR engages with clients

    • Applications evaluated based on business needs
    • High-level inventory of application content and structure
    • Potential issues and migration complexity assessments


    Strategic Planning
    • Identification of key applications that require replacement or upgrade
    • The estimated effort for resolving migration issues
    • Recommendations for a modernization path
    • Agile-based execution of projects with Prime TSR experts
    • Get a new capability or feature launched within 90 days


    It’s not about technology. It’s about outcomes.

    It’s not about code; it’s about business results and solutions. It’s about taking action and achieving measurable results sooner rather than later. Prime TSR can help update legacy applications and prepare the architecture of your business’s technologies for future modernization initiatives. If you want outcomes, start with Prime TSR. Here are a few examples of how we helped other organizations modernize their applications by aligning their legacy systems more closely with their corporate needs, while creating new business value from existing systems.

    Start your application modernization journey

    We are here to help you modernize your legacy applications and add value to your business.