Application Modernization Services

The only legacy we care about is yours.

When careers are on the line, when businesses are at a do-or-die moment, when your software applications absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, need to make an impact, choose Prime TSR. Make your impact with legacy application modernization services that do more than just work.

Application Modernization

Application Modernization


What we design, architect, and build has to do more than just work. It’s true that our services optimize your applications, but we aim to do much more. We strive for a modernization process that creates results, and when finished:


Government Brands

How we helped government brands modernize and scale their on-premise solution.

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Vyne Medical

From ideation to execution: modernizing a legacy process into a revenue generating healthcare solution.

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Monolith Modernization

From monolith to microservices without any downtime

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Press Ganey

Accelerating healthcare outcomes through a self-service analytics platform.

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We are not order-takers. We are mountain climbers and skydiving instructors. The last thing we want to do is build what everyone else is building. As application transformation service providers, we modernize:

5 people & 90 days is better than 500 people & 18 months. Welcome to the future.

You don’t have to toss everything away. When you implement application modernization services, you can add new features without having to redo all of your business’s current legacy systems. We work on creating value within the first 90 days application modernization services start.

Here are just a few important reasons to modernize your business’s applications.

  • Improved app performance: Users experience faster app performance when interacting with modernized applications.
  • Increased uptime: A cloud-based application will remain up more consistently than through your own IT infrastructure.
  • Easier to scale reliably: If there’s a surge in users or demand, you don’t need to order a new server, have the IT staff work overtime, or hire the first third-party vendors that say yes for help. It’s done for you on-demand.
  • Easier to update: Through cloud technologies and cloud migration services, it's possible to update an app easily through a massive deployment.
  • Best-in-class security: Cloud services help reduce the risk of physical IT infrastructure failure. This reduction of security risk can significantly help secure business value and aid positive business outcomes.
  • AI and Machine Learning: Smarter, personalized applications.


Application Modernization Under One Roof, Not Five.

In the legacy application modernization services world, each one of these roles would be five separate teams. Not at Prime TSR, a leading modernization services provider. When we modernize applications, all roles are under one roof, including migration and modernization services.

Best-in-class cloud-native developers
Cybersecurity professionals
Experienced solution architects
Infrastructure gurus
Data experts

Is it time to modernize your applications?

Legacy applications that are core to your business.

Do you have a custom-built application that is critical to the success of your business? If so, application modernization, modern programming languages, and our modernization services can help you in many ways.

Modernization options that we offer can be anything your business needs them to be, including:

• Customer-facing applications
• Legacy software development that is part of your legacy systems
• Custom-built project management software that uses modern
• Programming languages
• Customer ordering systems
• Inventory systems
• Scheduling systems
• Or anything in between!

As soon as you provide a functional specification document, we can begin the process.

An ambitious senior executive/new hire looking to make a change.

What we’re looking for is ambition—innovative tech leaders who want to move the needle.

It can be that you’re already predisposed to moving to the cloud since you don’t want to wait six months to provision a new server. You want to work with a modernization process that moves swiftly, and the cloud is the best way to do that.

Companies investing in digital innovation

If you’re looking for business outcomes and business value, then it’s important that you are riding the digital transformation wave. Working with an application transformation service provider gets you where you need to be quickly.

Cyber security is a top priority

Have any of your applications been hacked? Do you have applications slowed down because of security concerns? Is your service provider protecting you?

If so, then application modernization fits in perfectly because all applications are built with a security-first mindset.


Why Prime TSR?

We believe four things are necessary to bring your vision and business value to life.

Organizations that make more decisions faster will outperform those who make fewer decisions slower.

Cultural transformation will produce greater results than your best digital transformation plan.

Change is the only path forward.

You must tear through roadblocks and move past the unknowns.


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