your customer is making a
life-changing decision in the next
24 hours.

Are you ready?

The open window on your big data is
smaller than you think.

When it comes to predictive and prescriptive data, there isn’t a moment to lose. Because the insights yielded from real-time data are constantly expiring. Worth far less in hindsight.

Companies we have helped

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How we work: Every minute matters

At Prime TSR, we have a bias towards action. We believe that the best way to address the most pressing challenges in insurance is not to waste time in analysis paralysis. Instead, we focus our time and efforts on building forward-looking solutions capable of anticipating what’s next.

Never Miss a Beat:It All Starts with Customer 360

Everything you need to know about your customer should be in one place. No stone should be left unturned. Customer 360 gets you there faster.


Needle in a Haystack:Know when your customer is ready to buy

Accurately predict, with unbelievable confidence, when and where your customers are in the market for something new.


Heads Up:Identifying Customers at Risk of Cancellation

Predictive analytics in P&C insurance is going to help carriers identify many customers who require unique attention – for example, those likely to cancel or lower coverage. More advanced data insights will help insurers identify customers who may be unhappy with their coverage or their carrier.


Wake the Walking Dead: Improve CX through Personalized Engagements

Stop taking your customers for granted. Regularly engage them through compelling, personalized experiences that deepen loyalty and pre-empt churn.


All for One. One for All.Multiple Policies, One login

Make it easier for customers to get the information they need with one login. You also get the right data to serve them better. Marketing is more effective. Customers are happier.
It’s a win-win.


Case Studies

From Mainframe to Modern Data Capabilities and a New Business Model

We helped Gallagher Bassett add modern data capabilities to their existing mainframe legacy infrastructure without a single legacy system restructuring effort.

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How We Transformed Farmers Insurance Customer Experience

Farmers partnered with Prime TSR to create a common definition and secure view of a customer, as an individual, across all product lines.

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We believe four things are necessary to bring your vision to life.

Organizations that make more decisions faster will outperform those who make fewer decisions slower.

Cultural transformation will produce greater results than your best digital transformation plan.

Change is the only path forward.

You must tear through roadblocks and move past the unknowns.

your customers are ready, are you?

It’s time to act, and Prime TSR is your best path to get there.