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Featured post

A Strategy for IT Professionals to Gain Credibility Within Your Organization

It’s official. IT professionals are ready to break free of the subsidiary role they’ve traditionally held – but after years of being bossed around, it may be difficult for them to determine their path to autonomy. Once established, it can be hard to change an expected role, but if IT wants to change the way…

IT Infrastructure Strategy: A Pragmatic Approach to Assessing Your Enterprise Architecture

For any Infrastructure Strategy to be successful, it is critical that enterprise architecture reviews of any system on the core systems roadmap, are done carefully, and strategically.  A well-designed enterprise infrastructure strategy will include a solid roadmap of the core systems needed to achieve the company’s business goals as well as how each system should…

When is a Digital Transformation Complete?

I recently spent weeks cleaning out my basement – dusting, mopping and scrubbing my way to cleanliness and organization.  Although I basked in the order and “newness” of the area as well as the satisfaction of getting the job done, I knew that it was going to get dirty and cluttered again – probably sooner…

Digital Transformation in 2020: 3 Myths About Creating an Effective Digital Strategy

Here are two words that have been completely misunderstood and misused: They are “Digital” and “Transformation.” You may also know these two words when put together as “Digital Transformation.” What’s also interesting is that if you ask any Chief Digital Officer what their job is, they will tell you that it has almost nothing to…

4 Innovation Myths Holding Back Enterprise Companies from Building New Integrations with their Applications

Like most new technology concepts, APIs have gone from “new kid on the block” to industry standard for building software applications. As the key means for sharing data among disparate applications, the practical applications and benefits of building enterprise application integrations are everywhere – from online restaurant reservations to electronic payments to real-time inventory management…