Brittney Odom

Marketing Specialist, Prime TSR


Say what you like about Disney, but they know their audience. More specifically, they know how to give their audience an engaging experience that prompts repeat interactions. And after a century in the entertainment business, Disney continues to stay true to its original vision while delivering innovative, tech-centric experiences that delight customers. 

Using Wearable Technology to Automate Guest Interactions

Let’s use MagicBand as an example. Disney introduced this wearable technology in 2013 to make the theme park and resort experience more convenient and hands-free. Thanks to the MagicBand, visitors no longer needed a key or ticket to gain park access, enter their room, purchase retail products, dine, or enjoy Disney’s PhotoPass service. 

What are we getting at? 

MagicBand technology transformed how visitors interacted with their surroundings. They were no longer just guests—they were guests with exclusive access to automated transactions across all touchpoints. Disney gave guests a personal experience where every interaction was memorable.

How Disney Delivers Superior Customer Experiences 

Disney’s superior customer care is another one of its strengths. They use surveys to assess consumer satisfaction with rides, park experiences, shopping, dining, and more. Then they make adjustments based on that feedback.

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