Our 3 pillars of customer experience

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Data, Data, Data

We can’t do anything without it. Data transformation is core to how we work.

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Cross-functional mindset

We work across teams to create a shared vision. Product, Marketing, Operations, IT, Business and much more…

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Customer first, always

We consider the customer in every decision we make.

How we do it (core services)

Data & Analytics

We don’t leave home without it.

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Application Modernization

Modern experiences for modern customers.

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Cloud Services

The foundation of customer experience starts with the cloud.

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Our thoughts on the future of customer experience

Communicating with the customer – the way they want

How do you build an experience that helps your customers get what they need in the most efficient way possible?

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What does it take to predict what your customers want and give it to them?

Give them what they want before they know they need it.

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Happier customers start with seamless customer support experiences

Making it easy starts with doing the hard stuff first.

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What’s really happening behind the scenes?

Seamless experiences across customer channels start with a strong data foundation.

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The first step to becoming customer focused

Who is your customer, and what do they do?

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how we transformed farmers insurance customer experience

Farmers partnered with Prime TSR to create a common definition and secure view of a customer, as an individual, across all product lines. This transformational project resulted in increased customer satisfaction across all lines of businesses, and the new ability for marketing to create a personalized cohesive experience across all of their product lines.

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tempus: how we turned terabytes of healthcare data into an automated, predictive insights machine

Tempus is one of the fastest-growing healthcare startups in the world. Tempus’ data capabilities are growing so fast and becoming so complex that they are pushing the limits of their cloud providers.

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discovery health partners: improving customer experiences through a modernized cloud-native infrastructure

Discovery’s CIO was looking for strategic solutions that would capitalize on their existing AWS infrastructure footprint and enable them to onboard customers faster, more efficiently, and have a strong digital and data foundation for future growth, without having to completely re-build their infrastructure.

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We believe four things are necessary to bring your vision to life.

Organizations that make more decisions faster will outperform those who make fewer decisions slower.

Cultural transformation will produce greater results than your best digital transformation plan.

Change is the only path forward.

You must tear through roadblocks and move past the unknowns.

The customer is always right.

Let’s give them the experience they deserve. Contact us today