AWS Lambda Serverless: Benefits and Applications

With AWS Lambda, we have the ability to build and deliver quickly applications and services that scale easily and cost less to run and maintain

AWS Lambda enables “serverless” applications: we can run code on the Lambda platform without having to configure virtual servers and operating systems. The AWS Lambda platform allows us to concentrate on writing high-quality code without the hassle, expense, and time of providing servers and OSes. Clients pay only for the computation cost when their code is running.

Services We Offer with AWS Lambda

Application Modernization

We use AWS Lambda to modernize existing applications. Many applications created before 2015 embedded business logic deeply into application servers or database stored procedures.  Using AWS Lambda, we decouple the business logic from a specific vendor’s technology, re-write, and publish the code as a Lambda function.  The business logic is now more easily accessible

Enterprise Application Integration

AWS Lambda, when used in conjunction with AWS API Gateway, gives us the ability to share information and business logic amongst enterprise applications.   

Data Architecture & Analytics

AWS Lambda enables powerful data integration, ingestion and processing, especially when paired with streaming services such as AWS Kinesis and reporting services such as AWS QuickSight

AWS Lambda Benefits

Our Work on AWS Lambda


Our client needed to collect and synchronize data from business units on five continents.  An existing application allowed the business units to publish updates and subscribe to updates from other business units.  However, the existing application was complex, error-prone, and expensive to maintain.  Faced with the challenge to respond faster and more accurately to competitive pressures, our client considered global installation of a new application to replace local systems.  The daunting costs, disruption, and lengthy implementation gave our client a pause, so, and they invited Prime TSR to propose an alternative. 

Prime TSR’s proposed solution preserved all the local applications by creating a central data bus and integration engine built on AWS Lambda and, AWS DynamoDB. AWS Lambda functions were created for each participating system that allowed for local customization and global integration.    

The system was deployed in less than twelve months at cost that was at least 10x less than the rip-and-replace alternative.