AWS Cloud Migration

Migrate with confidence

Our AWS migration process enables us to move your applications and workloads quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We will partner with you and guide you through every stage of the migration process, with minimal interruptions and near-zero downtime.

When results are realized too slowly, or aren’t properly communicated, the business case for migration can suffer.  We believe organizations that make more decisions faster will outperform those who make fewer decisions slower, and it's our passion to help them do just that.

Accelerating your AWS migration

Moving to the cloud can be transformative for businesses, but the initial preparation leading up to migration is often daunting — with so many decisions and budgetary considerations to factor, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Prime TSR is here to help guide your businesses through the process.

Assess and set the strategy

Once you identify the right place to start your journey, you can begin to build the business case for the migration.

Develop the roadmap and migration patterns

Our consultants will help you build out a timeline for each of the critical project steps and transitions needed to complete the migration process.

Migrate, modernize, and innovate

Prime TSR helps you migrate to the cloud and modernize to gain flexibility, scalability and cost efficiencies to drive faster innovation.

Unlock the value of the cloud

Increase agility

Expand the ability to rapidly develop, test and launch applications that drive business growth in a constantly changing IT environment.

Create reusable patterns

Migrating applications to the cloud can be frustrating at times due to rigid and fixed patterns. Reusable design patterns increase dependability, productivity, and accelerate development.

Enable transformational technologies and processes

Access the latest and mission-critical applications needed without having to invest time and money on installations.

Lower risk

Cloud technology allows to increase security by creating distance between sensible data and potential risks.

How we’ve helped companies migrate to AWS