Stacey Doherty

VP of Marketing

Stacey Doherty powers Prime TSR’s revenue growth through ROI-driven content marketing and business development approaches. Over the past 20 years, Stacey has helped global consulting and professional services organizations grow revenue and awareness through her unique approach toward business development, lead generation, brand awareness, and partnership relationships.

If there is an opportunity for growth, Stacey will lead the way. Stacey has the ability to drive clarity and creativity through collaborative cross-functional teams while leading complex, multi-faceted marketing, and business development campaigns.

Starting backward from the customer and their journey, Stacey builds and executes campaigns that drive customer engagement, conversations, and long-term revenue-generating consulting relationships.

Stacey enjoys traveling to warm, tropical places, good wine, playing tennis, and spending time being a sports mom to her three sons.