Tempus Labs accelerates interoperability between the internal product owners and external customers.

  • Customer Name: Tempus Labs, Inc.
  • Territory: DNB - Enterprise
  • Region: Central
  • Vertical: Life Sciences
  • AWS MRR: ~$12,000
  • Competitive Win: No
  • Publicly Referenceable (Y/N):
  • AWS Workloads Associated with Win: EC2, ECS, Lambda, API Gateway, EventBridge, SQS, SNS, ElastiCache


Customer Profile: Tempus Labs, Inc. is Chicago based precision-medicine lab using the world’s largest library of clinical and molecular data and the power of AI and ML to deliver therapeutic options for patients and clinicians.

The Opportunity:
Tempus Labs Inc. needs to accelerate interoperability between the internal product owners and external customers. Currently, internal product teams create new value-added services by reassembling component-level code to unique patterns and either creating unique or re-using stored data. Each product owner has significant autonomy to create novel outputs. This results in multiple different definitions for like or similar data and external users - customers - are unable to easily consume results and information in a uniform or consistent manner.

How We Won:

Tempus’ Data Product Teams chose Prime TSR for its “bias to action” approach that emphasized delivering business value early while gathering data to shape a longer-term engagement. A quick, rapidly delivered pilot using one or two products will validate the requirements for a "metabridge" that will map input data from all product owners to a uniform and consistent data model for a centralized data lake service. The work will include creating new, flexible APIs to the data lake that will allow customers to access data via their current systems w/o forcing modifications. The work includes providing an SDK to allow Tempus product owners to maintain and update the data lake model.

Prime TSR's core contributions will be data engineering and modeling including data mapping, data integration, data transformation, ETL, API endpoint service development & consumption models, SDK creation & distribution. AWS services include API Gateway, Lambda, ECS, EC2, EventBridge, SQS, SNS.

Members of the team

AWS: Chris Kennon AM, Michael Bechard SA, Evan Valdry PSM, Dennis Simmons PDM
Prime TSR: Lou Skriba (lskirba@primetsr.com) AM; Jeremy Smart (jsmart@primetsr.com)