Data Architecture and BI Reporting

High-growth companies focus less on instinct and more on informed decisions. Today, industry leaders are using their data platforms to generate new revenue streams with tomorrow's advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

As internal and external sources of data multiply, it's imperative that organizations adopt a clear data and analytics platform strategy that makes information accessible and easy to understand with business intelligence dashboards.

Prime TSR consultants and data architects help companies execute data strategies that position them to accelerate their products and services faster. We employ an enterprise analytics strategy and execution framework that helps companies assess more data, build an in-depth roadmap for success and align IT with business units to achieve a common innovation goal.


We help clients build high-performing organizations powered by smart data and advanced analytics platforms.

Cloud Data Platforms

What companies do with data depends on the tools they use. The need to organize and process data to build smarter organizations is unquestionable and cloud platforms make it possible for non-technical users to consume critical information. Our data architects help clients choose the right data platforms and build data pipelines that will make the most impact for their business operations and innovation roadmaps.

Real-time Data Processing

Better customer experiences are a result of being able to access the right information at the right time. Organizations unable to access the right data for days struggle to launch competing services on time. We help companies build real-time data pipelines and data platforms that enable organizations to report and use data the moment it's created.

Data Integration and Engineering

Building a smart business without immediate access to data is impossible. Data is being stored all over the organization without a clear approach to centralizing how it's stored and processed. Our data engineering team architects and develops data pipelines that integrate with many data sources so that organizations can visualize and process the information meaningfully.

Data and Analytics Strategy

With more data than ever, organizations look to uncover new opportunities but don't always know how to leverage IT. We help companies establish a high performing data and analytics strategy to make sense of the information they already have.

Data Architecture

Through a data assessment, solution development, and data architecture programs, we help companies organize and access the right data securely and efficiently.

BI Reporting and Dashboards

Having a single source of truth that's accessible by the right users, enable organizations to make confident decisions using their BI reporting tools and custom dashboards. We partner with organizations who are looking to transform how business decisions are made across the organization using Enterprise BI and Visual Analytics solutions.

Data Governance

The truth in data matters and for many organizations, compliance with regulations is an absolute must. We help companies develop and implement lean data governance models that allow them to comply with regulations while focusing on the integrity, accessibility and security of their data.

Data Platform Managed Services

Keeping track of data is a lot of work, and any missteps can lead to business or security failures. We help organizations create a data center of excellence, and monitor and govern your data holistically. This includes compliance and threat monitoring, management, improvements and administration.