Press-Ganey Learns the Value of Keeping Acquisitions on AWS           

  • Customer Name: Press-Ganey (
  • Partner: Prime TSR (
  • Territory: DNB
  • Region: US North Central
  • Vertical: Health Care
  • AWS MRR: $1,000 (foundation phase);
  • Competitive Win: Yes
  • Publicly Referenceable (Y/N): Yes
  • AWS Workloads Associated with Win: AWS Control Tower, AWS Config, AWS Systems Manager


Customer Profile: Press Ganey.

The Opportunity:

• Press Ganey’s health care improvement solutions at more than 33,000 health care facilities address safety, clinical excellence, patient experience and workforce. Delivered through a digital platform built mostly with on-premises and Azure applications, the solutions reduce patient suffering, enhance caregiver resilience and improve the overall, quality and experience of care.

• Over the past 30 months, Press-Ganey acquired several companies that run on AWS. IT management was under pressure to migrate the applications to Azure so they could “get their arms around” the acquired
applications. Based on Prime TSR’s position as a trusted advisor to Press-Ganey, earned via an on-going Windows .net / devops modernization effort on Azure, Press-Ganey, consulted with Prime TSR.

How We Won: Prime TSR engaged Press-Ganey in a modified Cloud Adoption Framework workshop to uncover the core business driver - improved cloud governance and visibility. The workshop helped the client realize that governance and visibility could be provided by AWS services; a migration to Azure was unnecessarily expensive, complex and risky. Prime TSR then conducted Well-Architected Framework reviews (using nOps access to the WAR API) for each of the acquired companies. Prime TSR used the results to design an AWS organization and account consolidation plan. AWS Control tower provides centralized controls. AWS Config rules to create “guard rails” and nOps alerts and reports monitor compliance, change control and exceptions.

Members of the team

AWS Rep: Joe Switzer
AWS PSM: Jose Colon
AWS PDM: Dennis Simmons
Prime TSR AE and Solutions Architect: Geremy Reiner (, Wally Walikainen (