Optimization & Licensing Assessment

Prime TSR’s optimization and licensing assessment accelerates a customer’s journey towards lower costs, better agility, and higher reliability within 2-3 weeks. This allows the customer to maximize ROI with Microsoft workloads on AWS.

Increase workload visibility and plan your AWS migration with accuracy

Empower your cloud strategy by collaborating with Prime TSR to develop a migration plan using Amazon Web Services Optimization and Licensing Assessment (AWS OLA) to help reduce costs and optimize compute.

This free service helps you accurately assess the Microsoft workloads, enabling you to make educated decisions to model your infrastructure optimized on AWS. The tool analyzes existing data utilization across your environment so you can accurately pinpoint application dependency requirements and get clarity on what will be necessary as you formulate your AWS migration plan.


Cost savings

Gain insights on how AWS OLA instance recommendations can help cut licensing and compute costs

Accelerated migrations

Evaluate your current Microsoft workloads to more quickly optimize them on AWS

Gain insights using AWS OLA tools

Get crucial guidance from Prime TSR use of AWS OLA tools and licensing knowledge

Comprehensive data analytics

Compare the claims of other cloud providers to AWS using OLA-generated data

Collaborate with Prime TSR to gain a deeper understanding of licensing options

Planning and executing your cloud adoption journey with the help of Prime TSR and the reliable data provided by the AWS OLA equips your organization with right-sized and license-optimized cost models for your Microsoft workloads on AWS. Combining the AWS OLA infrastructure output with your current licensing position can help you make better-informed decisions on the pros and cons of choosing to use either your Microsoft Volume Licenses (BYOL) or AWS License Included (LI) instances on the cloud.

In addition to bringing your own licenses, your organization can choose to leverage LI instances, which relieves the burden of managing licenses, ensures continuous compliance, and allows you to only pay for those licenses while they are in use. This removes the need to make licensing purchases that are based on peak usage levels and locks you in for 36 months and enables AWS and Prime TSR to offer concise, data-backed, optimized, and cost-effective licensing recommendations.

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