The Power of Microservices and App Modernization

Microservices have always been a hot topic

Many people love them, and some people simply despise them. The reasoning behind this split is, if done wrong, microservices are too much effort for the reward.

However, when done right, it can feel like having a magic wand, as one of our clients experienced.

Geremy Reiner sat down with Rick Kopeikan and Eric Peebles to discuss how microservices can be utilized during app modernization efforts.

Microservices provide many advantages as a way to modernize an application

  • Microservices are a great way to compartmentalize the various roles of an application.
  • They can help you prove out some of the concepts of modernization of an application.
  • Implementation of microservices often results in cost-savings, efficiency savings, and increased speed and agility.
  • Microservices provide a purpose-built function that delivers consistently and at scale.

The success of microservices for a given business need depends on a strong foundational business case for implementation

  • Microservices provide flexibility by being able to split pieces off and customize them for each different department or organization within a company.
  • They also provide guardrails that protect against wasted time spent reading large amounts of code in a monolith application.
  • Successful implementation of microservices starts with the automation of configuration and deployment of an application.

Steps to implement microservices

  1. Define the separation of responsibilities at both a technical and business level. Understand the demands from both sides of the organization.
  2. Create alignment between the business objectives and how microservices will help achieve each objective.
  3. Understand where you’re at today and where you want to be with the implementation of microservices.
  4. In order to get from where you are today to where you want to be with microservices, refrain from overcommitting and trying to do too much at first.
  5. Put the right team behind the project and provide them with the resources necessary to be successful. At the same time, put boundaries in place to ensure they remain on the path to success and don’t steer off course.

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