Iceberg - Cloud Management and Governance Tool


Iceberg is the only cloud governance tool that tells senior executives what decisions to make in plain English, with unparalleled accuracy


We’ve tried every single cloud optimization platform there is; we’ve even partnered with a few great ones. The difference is, Iceberg is 100% focused on providing easy-to-understand business answers for the highest level cloud decision-makers, not just rudimentary cost savings and technical analysis dashboards.

The devil is in the details, and Iceberg doesn’t like surprises

Most, if not all, cloud optimization platforms focus on rudimentary scans of your cloud environment, leading to several missed opportunities. Iceberg, however, factors in over 120 complex technical and business factors to give you a true, holistic perspective of your cloud situation in an easy-to-understand way.

Core features and benefits

Simple, fast decision-making

Iceberg saves executives 7 Zoom meetings, 22 emails, 4-weekend phone calls, and 5 text messages per month. We’re kidding—sort of. Iceberg is designed to help our clients simplify their cloud, so they can make faster decisions with confidence.

The right answers, at the right time

When’s the last time you heard a consulting firm say, “Don’t worry, we automated ourselves to save you time and money.” Iceberg takes critical activities that were previously done manually by our senior team and automates them to give you the right information in a timely fashion.

Full visibility of every cloud platform, application, and service

With Iceberg, you can easily understand what is going on across your cloud accounts on your own terms and with clear, non-technical intuitive summaries. The perfect solution for senior executives to visualize and control their cloud not just on the surface but beneath it.

Easy-to-understand controls to manage access budget and compliance across workloads

Iceberg offers governance and optimization tools to better manage client expenditures by suggesting detailed steps to rectify cost inefficiencies.

Sample customized dashboard and consumption report

See how Iceberg is helping executives manage their cloud operations, not just on the surface but below it

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