Data Solutions: Healthcare

When it comes to
data-driven decision-making, there
isn’t a moment to spare.

Are you ready?

The open window on your big data is smaller than you think.

When it comes to predictive and prescriptive data, there isn’t a moment to lose. Because the insights yielded from real-time data are constantly expiring. Worth far less in hindsight.

Companies we have helped

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How we work: Every minute matters

At Prime TSR, we have a bias towards action. We believe that the best way to address the most pressing challenges in healthcare is not to waste time in analysis paralysis. Instead, we focus our time and efforts on building forward-looking solutions capable of anticipating what’s next.

There Can Only Be OneA Single Source Of Truth

With dozens of internal and external data sources now the norm, the only way to run a modern healthcare organization is through a single source of truth and a unified patient
data platform.


1-1 AttentionAmping Up Patient-Centricity

Give members the same level of attention as a world-class doctor by combining a unified data platform with deliberate engagements executed at every step of their journey.


Every Dollar MattersReducing Your Cost Per Claim

Automating monotonous administrative tasks, balancing the supply of workers and equipment with patient demands, and anticipating problems before they occur can drastically reduce the burden of administrating healthcare claims.


Cash Flow Is KingIncreasing Your Revenue Cycle Velocity

From manual processes to error-prone procedures, healthcare organizations can be their own worst enemies when it comes to getting paid. Reducing friction in the revenue cycle process and getting it right the first time add up to getting paid faster.


Spot Billing Anomalies EarlierEnhancing Payment & Revenue Integrity

Staying one step ahead of fraud is a never-ending battle. Thankfully, the data is now good enough to outsmart even the most cunning and brazen schemes. If we let it.


On The Mend With AIImproving Patient Diagnoses

Improve diagnosis accuracy and treatment plans on
everything from common colds to cancer with the most advanced algorithms and machine learning.


Case Studies

How We Turned Terabytes of Healthcare Data Into an Automated, Predictive Insights Machine

Tempus is one of the fastest-growing healthcare startups in the world. Tempus’ data capabilities are growing so fast and becoming so complex that they are pushing the limits of their cloud providers.

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From Ideation to Execution: Modernizing a Legacy Process into a Revenue Generating Healthcare Solution

We helped Vyne Medical digitize a manual, paper process into a new monetized cloud-based SaaS platform that streamlines multiple Medicare audits processes into a single, seamless workflow.

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We believe four things are necessary to bring your vision to life.

Organizations that make more decisions faster will outperform those who make fewer decisions slower.

Cultural transformation will produce greater results than your best digital transformation plan.

Change is the only path forward.

You must tear through roadblocks and move past the unknowns.


It’s time to act, and Prime TSR is your best path to get there.