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Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification Preparation and Training


This live, Full-Day Google Cloud Platform (GCP) training will provide a comprehensive understanding of all resources and services needed to pass the Google Cloud Architect Certification exam.


The Google Cloud Platform joins Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure as one of the three major cloud platforms and continues to evolve as a leading cloud provider utilized by companies around the world. Whether you’re interested in passing the Google Cloud Architect Certification exam, or gain new knowledge of the GCP platform, this training is highly recommended for any technology professional looking to advance their career in cloud architecture and computing. The highly qualified and experienced instructor, Rich Kopekie will extensively dive into managing cloud infrastructure, implementing and deploying applications, building data and storage services, governance and administrating, as well as the best practices when architecting solutions in the cloud. The skills learned during this full-day training session will give you the foundation to improve how your company approaches technology transformation. The training serves as an in-depth, advanced course for the Google Cloud Platform. Some baseline cloud experience is recommended before starting the workshop.

This webinar explores the following topics:

- Cloud basics: Cloud Geography, Resource Management, Cloud Networking

- Applications: Compute, Application Development, AI Services

- Data: Storage, Databases, Data Processing

- Administration: Monitoring & Logging, Authentication & Authorization, Security

Who this course is for:

- Professionals who want to become Certified Professional Google Cloud Architects

- Professionals who want to advance their careers through Certifications

- Professionals who already have baseline experience with GCP and want to get the necessary skills to leverage Google Cloud technology in a way that transforms businesses

- Anyone who wants to learn and increase their knowledge of Google Cloud Platform Services

About The Speaker

consultant proudly holding up Google sticker

Rich Kopeikin

GCP and AWS Certified Professional Solutions Architect, Prime TSR

Over fifteen years of experience managing high-profile projects and leading teams through the process of architecting, implementing, integrating and maintaining custom software solutions across a broad spectrum of technology platforms

Ten years of experience as an IT Consultant building solutions for various Fortune 500 companies

GCP and AWS Certified Professional Solutions Architect. GCP Certified Professional Developer