Understanding Terraform: Benefits, Challenges, and Outcomes


Understanding the value of Terraform

Our cloud experts, Rob Eguchi, Director of Cloud Governance for Prime TSR, and Iman Randhawa, Sr. Solution Engineer at HashiCorp, explored Terraform as a powerful tool to accelerate digital transformation by automating and managing infrastructure, platform, and cloud services.


Among other topics, we learned:

  • Why IaC and Terraform?: Use cases, benefits, and outcomes
  • Implementing IaC and Terraform
  • Lessons learned: What would we have done differently?


Watch the 3-part series of videos

Part 1: From Click Ops to DevOps


Part 2: What is Terraform?


Part 3: Use Terraform to Organize Your Business


Rob Eguchi

Director of Cloud Governance & DevOps

Prime TSR

Iman Randhawa

Sr. Solutions Engineer