Thank you for registering! – Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification Bootcamp

Are you interested in becoming Google Cloud certified? Do you want to have an in-depth understanding of Google Cloud resources and services? Do you want to be prepared with the knowledge to successfully pass the certification exam? Join us for a two-day live Bootcamp as we cover the material required to obtain the Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification.

Attendees will receive FREE certification practice exams consisting of over 300 unique questions!

The training will be presented by Google Cloud expert, Rich Kopeikin, just SHORTLY AFTER PASSING THE EXAM HIMSELF for recertification. Planning on getting certified? Now is the time!

Rich is a Cloud Architect, Professional Educator and Google Cloud Practice Lead for Prime TSR

Credentials & Certifications:

• Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect
• Google Cloud Professional Developer
• Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer
• Author of Udemy online training courses purchased by over 8000 students world-wide
• Application Modernization with Google Cloud Webinar Series & Whitepaper
• 15 Years of Enterprise Application Development and Modernization experience


Bootcamp Overview


• Compute: Functions, App Engine, Cloud Run, CE, GKE
• Storage: Storage, FileStore, Local & Persistent Disks
• Networking: VPC, Hybrid Networks, DNS, Load Balancers, CDN, NAT, Routers

Data Services:

• NoSQL: Firestore, Big Table
• Relational: Cloud SQL, Spanner
• Big Data & Analytics: BigQuery, Dataproc, Dataprep, Datalab, Data Fusion, Dataflow, Data Studio, Data Catalog

Application Services:

• App Services: Pub/Sub, IoT, Composer, Apigee, Endpoints, Healthcare, Cache
• Dev Tools: Source, Build, Code, Deployment
• AI: AI Platform, ML, TensorFlow, Video, Vision, Speech, Translate, Natural Language

Foundations & Administration:

• Management: DR/HA, IAC, Orgs, Billing
• Operations: Monitor, Log, Audit
• Auth: IAM,  AD Integration
• Security: KMS, CSEK, TPM, HSM, Scanner, Armor

Rich Kopeikin

Director, Cloud Architecture

Prime TSR