Improving Customer Experiences with a Cloud Native Approach


Your customers crave a consistent experience, no matter the time or channel. Ultimately, the experiences you deliver are how people will remember you, talk about you, and feel about you. Your customer experience is your reputation, and it starts with building the right technology and digital foundation.

If you're a senior marketing or technology leader, you know how competitive today's digital marketplace is. More than ever before, customer experience is critical to driving business growth and competitive differentiation. Are you doing enough to create amazing customer experiences?

During our virtual webinar, we covered ways to think about approach and strategy in implementing differentiated customer experiences. We also talked about creating a strong digital foundation to support new modern cloud-native applications as well as all other applications needed to run your business and provide excellent customer experiences.

If you missed the live stream of the webinar or need to refer back to what was discussed, click on the link below to download the presentation slides or watch a replay on Prime TSR YouTube channel.

Download webinar presentation slides - Improving CX with a Cloud Native Approach

View webinar recording - Improving CX with a Cloud Native Approach



Geremy Reiner

Associate Principal

Prime TSR

Tom Staab

Solutions Architect

Amazon Web Services