Behind the Innovation Webinar


Behind the Innovation

Many organizations are rebranding and reinventing themselves today. During this event, leaders shared how they proactively took risks to address some of their organizations’ most pressing challenges, as well as new opportunities they encountered along their way.

We learned how these executives and their teams use AWS to take advantage of the world’s fastest rate of innovation, the broadest functionalities, and the most robust computing capabilities needed in today’s competitive environment.


Customer Spotlight: Narrative Science with AWS Partners, Prime TSR, and nOps


Narrative Science is making data understandable for everyone through automated data storytelling.

In partnership with Prime TSR and nOps, AWS was able to meet a 3x increase in customer demand, created a website to inform the public about COVID-19 data, and increased our security governance – all while reducing cost by 9%.


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Geremy Reiner

Associate Principal

Prime TSR

Mauro Mujica-Parodi III

Chief Product Officer

Narrative Science

JT Giri