Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification Bootcamp


During this 2-day bootcamp we covered the material required to obtain a Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification. Attendees received FREE certification practice exams consisting of over 300 unique questions! The training was presented by Google Cloud expert, Rich Kopeikin. Rich is a professional educator and Google Cloud Practice Lead for Prime TSR.


Bootcamp Overview


• Compute: Functions, App Engine, Cloud Run, CE, GKE
• Storage: Storage, FileStore, Local & Persistent Disks
• Networking: VPC, Hybrid Networks, DNS, Load Balancers, CDN, NAT, Routers

Data Services:

• NoSQL: Firestore, Big Table
• Relational: Cloud SQL, Spanner
• Big Data & Analytics: BigQuery, Dataproc, Dataprep, Datalab, Data Fusion, Dataflow, Data Studio, Data Catalog

Application Services:

• App Services: Pub/Sub, IoT, Composer, Apigee, Endpoints, Healthcare, Cache
• Dev Tools: Source, Build, Code, Deployment
• AI: AI Platform, ML, TensorFlow, Video, Vision, Speech, Translate, Natural Language

Foundations & Administration:

• Management: DR/HA, IAC, Orgs, Billing
• Operations: Monitor, Log, Audit
• Auth: IAM,  AD Integration
• Security: KMS, CSEK, TPM, HSM, Scanner, Armor


See the recordings here:

Google Professional Architect Certification Bootcamp (August 18th)

Google Professional Architect Certification Bootcamp (August 19th)

Rich Kopeikin

Director, Cloud Architecture

Prime TSR