Accelerated Acquisition: Prime TSR Integrates Acquired Microsoft Workloads Quickly for Discovery Health

  • Customer Name: Discovery Health Partners
  • Territory: Start-up
  • Region: North-Central
  • Vertical: Health Care
  • AWS MRR: $13,000
  • Competitive Win:
  • Publicly Referenceable (Y/N): Yes
  • AWS Workloads Associated with Win: EC2 for Windows, License Manager, Configuration Manager, Solution Catalog


Customer Profile:

Discovery Health Partners helps keep insurance premiums low for over 1.5m policy holders by identifying errors and fraud in billions of health care claims and payments made by the nation’s largest health care insurers.

The Opportunity:

Discovery acquired one of its largest competitors and needed to quickly remove the largest application from an expensive colocation facility. Discovery’s IT resources were stretched thin and the IT leadership needed a partner who could migrate quickly the Microsoft Windows .net and 35 Tb SQL Server database while minimizing risk. Discovery has used TSR’s .net and SQL Server professional services and now asked for recommendations to migrate the application. Prime worked closely with the AWS team to propose using AWS Database Migration Engine an accelerated “lift and shift” migration from the co-lo to Windows .net and SQL Server on AWS EC2. The solution reduces risk by using infrastructure-as-code patterns baked into AWS Cloud Formation, AWS Cloud Watch, AWS License Manager, AWS Configuration Manager, and AWS Solution Catalog.

How We Won:

The obsessed on the customer’s “the need for speed” and designed a total solution that:
• Used boxed Startup-Migrate funding offer to accelerate the customer’s decision cycle; and
• Chose well-known AWS tools and well-established migration patterns to increase the customer’s confidence in the migration timeline.

Members of the team:

AWS AM: Sam Sudkoff
AWS PSM: Rushabh Shah
AWS SAs: Benjamin Gardner and Parth Shah
Prime TSR AE and Solutions Architect: Geremy Reiner, Wally Wallikake