Prime TSR Cloud Cost Management & Optimization Program

Why Manage & Optimize Cloud Costs?

Growing organizations often see cloud costs spiraling out of control and blowing through budgets. Effective cloud governance requires a different approach. 

As more IT teams move big portions of their IT infrastructure to the cloud, managing and optimizing cloud investments becomes a priority in order to maximize their overall investment.

Manage and optimize your cloud costs to increase the efficiency of your IT operations, while enabling your organization to scale in real-time.


Program Objective

The objective of the Cloud Cost Management & Optimization Program is to enable organizations to scale their IT needs in real-time, while minimizing overall costs, and reducing wasted spend. 

Program Approach

Prime TSR Cloud Management & Optimization team gathers and analyzes cloud data, creates holistic cost optimization recommendations and implements them together with the client teams.

Our analysis provides a clear picture for business, finance and IT leaders who are looking to make actionable steps in reducing their overall cloud costs, while increasing their ability to scale their IT needs on demand.

Cloud Cost Management & Optimization Execution

Prime TSR Cloud Cost Management and Optimization teams create an immediate impact within the first week of the engagement, by assessing and implementing cost savings reductions. Our team does a deep-dive assessment of your cloud-infrastructure footprint, to eliminate waste reduction and optimize every aspect of your entire cloud infrastructure through automation of your governance controls and modernization.

Future State Benefits

Organizations who engage the Prime TSR team typically see cost efficiencies within the first week of the engagement. This engagement aligns Business, IT and Finance leaders on a shared goal to increase the efficiency of their IT operations.

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We’ve helped many organizations improve their cloud footprint, and enable them to finally gain control of their cloud investments. If you need any guidance on your cloud challenges, whether you’re a Business, IT or Finance leader, Eugene is here to answer your questions.