Vyne Medical provides patient-centric healthcare IT solutions that empower organizations to enhance financial performance and patient experience by better managing and exchanging critical voice and digital communications.

We helped Vyne digitize a manual, paper process into a new monetized cloud-based SaaS platform, called Refyne. Refyne streamlines what were formerly multiple, disjointed Medicare audit response processes into a single, seamless workflow.

Now, with this new SaaS platform, Vyne Medical can reach a broader customer base.


“Prime TSR quickly became a natural extension of our team. Their technical expertise, use of modern design principles, proven engagement process, and experience with Amazon Web Services’ serverless offerings enabled us to accelerate the time to deliver value to our customers.”

Ruchi Medhekar

SVP Strategy & Platform, Vyne Medical

We turned a paper process into real paper (new revenue stream)

Turning a paper process into a digital one is a step in the right direction, but ultimately, every modernization project should positively and significantly impact a core business metric.

Working with the Vyne team, we not only created a cutting edge, modernized healthcare tool with less operational costs and simple customer interfaces, we also architected the solution to introduce a new, simple way for customers to pay Vyne on a recurring basis.

Now Vyne can offer this self-service application downstream to different departments of their existing customers as well as new customers.

Far and deep skill-sets

Prime TSR is known for its “T-Shaped” delivery team. Each of our experienced consultants has general knowledge across many cross-functional areas and an area of deep specialty. This was a huge advantage for us as we worked across many technical, business, and functional areas.

From Project Management to Solutions and Cloud Architecture to UX, QA, and Development, we did it all while working alongside Vyne’s technical and business teams.

To build this SaaS product, we collaborated and used modern applications to address everything from Vyne’s infrastructure to how they deliver products. We implemented a cloud-based infrastructure in AWS using Infrastructure as Code and implemented DevOps processes, including Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD).

The Saas platform, since it lives in the cloud, is more elastic, more operational, and needs no custom development work to onboard new clients.

Fully integrated with external government healthcare systems

Healthcare data interoperability is hard, complex work. Knowing our time constraints, we needed Refyne to be fully integrated with third-party systems, including Medicare government systems, for it to work as intended.

In under 16 weeks, we designed, integrated, and tested Vyne’s new SaaS platform to make sure it is working and compliant with multiple third-party healthcare.  The Refyne platform leverages Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation (esMD) to facilitate the electronic transmission of request and response data between hospitals and CMSs.

Creating a new revenue stream with urgency and transparency

We run our projects in two-week sprints. At the end of every sprint, the technical and business teams, as well as the President and CIO, were able to see the product progress we made.

The Vyne leadership team was able to interact with the software as we built it instead of us showing them the finished product at the end of the 16 weeks. This agile, bias for action approach allowed us to build trust with Vyne’s senior leadership and gave us the ability to change course as the product was being built with minimal risk

We’re not done yet!

This 16-week project was just the first phase to get our client up and running. As we wrap up this first phase of the project, we’re already planning for Phase 2, which will showcase our breadth of digital and cloud modernization services and help Vyne accelerate its growth.