How We Modernized Renovo Solutions and Took Them to the Cloud

Renovo Solutions is a leading technology management provider that serves a nationwide network of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Renovo’s goal? Reduce costs and improve medical equipment performance.

Over the last 30 years, the organization has successfully implemented and managed over 500 programs, guaranteeing clients an annual savings of 10–20 percent on audited expenses.

Renovo is an innovative company, so it didn’t surprise us that they wanted to migrate to the Cloud.

In fact, we found out they’d already partnered with another agency that promised to make it happen.

Unfortunately, the project was deadlocked: seven months later, the Renovo system was still running on eight, on-premise databases.

So they called on Prime TSR to:

  1. Complete the Cloud transition
    2. Look for additional growth opportunities
    3. Consolidate existing accounts into a single control tower

That’s what we did.

Prime TSR told us what they would do and did it, with the help of AWS. We couldn’t be happier.

Gregory Scott

VP, Information Technology at Renovo Solutions

We Migrated Eight On-Premise Databases to the Cloud to Increase Agility, Flexibility, and Innovation

Renovo’s current system ran on eight, on-premise SQL databases.

While on-site servers gave Renovo physical proximity to stored data and hardware, they wanted to scale, increase security, consolidate all of their accounts into one location, and streamline workflow.

Transitioning to the Cloud was an obvious solution.

Doing so would ensure Renovo achieved its goals while simultaneously mitigating data loss, manual maintenance, and utility costs.

So the Prime TSR team got to work.

Renovo knew what they wanted. And we gave it to them in under seven weeks—with zero downtime.

We Provided Proof of Concepts for Future Growth Projects

Clients often hand us an engineering problem and say, “Solve it.”

So we dug in and looked for ways to improve.

At Renovo’s request, we explored the viability of modernizing SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) with QuickSight, an AI-powered platform that simplifies complex data, making it digestible for non-technical users.

You never know if you have a good idea until you research and test it. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. In this case, it was the latter.

After compiling relevant info, we concluded that this was not a viable path forward.

Renovo agreed.

We Consolidated 12 Accounts Into a Central Governed Solution on Control Tower

The Renovo system was on the Cloud. Great.

But they also wanted to centralize their Cloud governance to streamline account management.

Renovo had 12 existing accounts. After some investigation, we saw redundancies. So we consolidate those accounts, reducing the number from 12 to six.

After, we organized those accounts into a single control tower, giving Renovo’s engineering team increased back-end control.

The result?

Now, team members control user management access for six separate accounts from one place. With fewer accounts, users can now separate:

→ Workloads
→ Logins
→ Security parameters
→ Network configuration

More Opportunities for Future Growth

Renovo is poised for growth.

They’re not only on the Cloud, their account management system is slimmed down and accessible from a single control tower.

They’re happy, which makes us happy.