Press Ganey works with more than 41,000 healthcare facilities in its mission to enhance caregiver resilience by improving the overall safety, quality, and experience of care.

With customer experience at the core of its mission, the client team wanted to design a cloud-hosted, self-service platform that would give providers access to dashboards with insights and advanced analytics. This platform would help providers improve safety, clinical excellence, workforce engagement, and the patient experience.

We helped Press Ganey drive transformational change with a new digital analytics and reporting platform. As part of our role, Prime TSR designed a system that supports the application and a team of 130 engineers who manage it.

Architecting the Future State

Our experts brought the discipline, skills, and architectural knowledge to advise the Press Ganey executive, technical and business teams on the best way to move forward in the short- and long-term.

The new digital analytics and reporting platform was designed with modern cloud architecture and automated DevOps processes, along with fast data visualizations, that allows Press Ganey to add additional features faster while enabling more powerful analytics capabilities for their customers.

Accelerating Feature Development at Scale

When Press Ganey planned on adding a new service line to their portal, they needed a consistent, efficient technology and business process to deliver this functionality to their customers. The process needed to be simple and perform at the highest level possible, regardless of consumer demand.

To achieve this goal, we architected a new automated cloud-based process that allows Press Ganey to add new service lines to their portal while increasing the productivity of their business and IT teams. 

The standardized processes allowed them to deliver higher quality software faster and more reliably. With our help, Press Ganey achieved an on-demand scalable cloud infrastructure. Even if their customers add thousands of users to their platform, the platform is ready for it.

Planning for Business Continuity

We created and executed a disaster recovery plan to support their services, databases, applications and Virtual Machines. We utilized geo-replication to mitigate data loss during an outage, deployed apps to disaster recovery as part of the production pipeline and used hot and cold instances for their virtual machines, as well as Azure Site Recovery in some instances.

Transforming How IT, Engineering, and QA Develop and Launch Software

In just six months, our client was equipped with a deployment pipeline, configuration management tools, disaster recovery and processes that would allow for automated deployment and testing in the cloud.

Together, we architected and built the platform to enable their clients, many with thousands of employees and hundreds of data points, to analyze multiple data points with accessible dashboards. 

Now, executives have immediate access to overall organization performance and can do a deep dive on individual departments to see how things are progressing. Customers are getting deeper data than ever before, and this will enable leadership to make transformative decisions.