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Re-architecting Cloud-based applications boosts performance, brings data to Life

When the critical systems of a global healthcare company began to fail following its Cloud migration, Prime TSR stopped the bleeding, then transformed the platform into an enterprise-ready, high-performance and scalable cloud architecture that could stand the test of time.

Real Business

An industry-leader in healthcare consulting and performance improvement.

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Real Quandary

Looking to utilize the benefits of the Cloud, our client migrated its cross-functional suite of business applications using an “off-the-shelf” application. Although this “lift and shift” approach delivered a new hosting system, they soon recognized that it did not provide the scalability and performance they needed to meet business demands. As a result, the company’s applications began to fail, and 95% of the data they processed nightly became unavailable for reporting.

Real Quandary

Prime Challenge

To restore the performance of mission-critical, resource-intensive applications and create a long-term solution for safeguarding performance predictability into the future.

Real Skills

Real Skills

Our systems thinking, business-first team put its combined capabilities to work:

  • Diagnostics
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Solution Architecture
  • Data Architecture
  • Integration Architecture

Real Solutions

To address the full-stack architecture holistically, Prime TSR followed our proprietary 30-60-90 process.

First 30 days

By uncovering the core data design issues causing massive performance bottlenecks, our team gained a deep understanding of our client’s data visualization and reporting capabilities. With these insights, we identified the need for a high-volume, maximum performance reporting system that would leverage the scalability and strengths of Cloud services and cater to their desired outcomes.

  • Assessed and diagnosed the root cause of performance issues.
  • Presented a solution to address critical needs in the short term, as well as an approach for a long-term, sustainable solution.
“Prime TSR has a team of great, hands-on, senior technical resources that I wish we had when we started this project a year ago. It could have saved us a huge headache and a lot of money.” ~ Client Executive

30-60 days

Armed with powerful insights from previous engagements, we determined that implementing a brand new architecture – likely a year-plus endeavor - was not necessary. Instead, we offered an iterative plan to fix performance issues – a unique and welcome approach to a client still contending with setbacks from its previous failed migration. In order to gain some immediate performance wins, our technical team worked with the client to find areas where its existing toolset could work. With a few of their customer-facing reporting applications up and running in the cloud, the client saw a significant decrease in lag times and other notable improvements in functionality. we then got to work on the larger need to update the infrastructure architecture.

  • Implemented performance fixes for highest priority issues.
  • Focused on defined, measurable weekly improvements.
“Prime TSR was the only company focused on getting quick wins, every week. We spent less time listening to presentations on how to fix things, and instead watched them tackle issues. This level of agility in our organization is unheard of and greatly appreciated.” ~ Client Executive

60-90 days

Within weeks of diagnosing the issues, we pushed fixes to production that produced measurable improvements focused on elasticity and scalability. Throughout the process, we conducted educational sessions, communicated expectations and provided detailed information and process transparency. This iterative approach garnered the trust, buy-in and consensus from both business and technical leadership that was necessary for our cloud-first approach to succeed.

  • Created and finalized a “future state” solution design and architected an approach for implementation.
Real Results

Real Results

We delivered an enterprise-ready, performance-tuned, cloud architecture built for speed. Following the initial rollout, our client was able to support thousands of customers, and, with each iterative improvement, has seen results and value from this custom solution including:

  • Moved from seven-hour data lag time to near real-time data reporting

  • Weekly performance improvements

  • Dramatic increases in data throughput

  • Powerful enterprise visualization tools create beautiful, in-depth custom charts and insights

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