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Protect, Preserve, Transform

Technology infrastructure roadmap sets leading healthcare services provider on path to peak performance.

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Real Quandary

To overhaul the IT infrastructure and develop a technology roadmap that would support the company’s internal teams and preserve the long-term growth and reputation of the company.

Our client had built a solid reputation as the largest independent provider of technology-enabled revenue cycle management (RCM) and physician advisory services to hospitals, health systems and physician groups across the U.S. However, the company’s rapid growth was coupled with an urgent need to update backend and customer facing applications, in order to address system outages and allow its support teams to provide timely customer assistance. Prime TSR stepped in and acted fast to stabilize the company’s operational infrastructure. But that was only the beginning.

While tending to the immediate need was crucial, our client recognized the greater need to modernize operations and infrastructure in order to maintain and strengthen its position as a dependable, scalable, and integrated solution for its customers

Real Quandary
Real Skills

Real Skills

Our Systems thinking, business-first team put its combined capabilities to work:

  • Software architecture
  • Data platforms
  • Infrastructure

Real Solutions

Working in collaboration with our client, we developed an overarching vision: “Protect, Preserve, Perform”

30 days

Protect – focus on quick solutions to stop the bleeding.

31 - 60 days

Preserve - Invest in long-term solutions that will provide more sustained benefit.

61 – 90 days

Perform – Lay the foundation and begin executing on strategic redesign.

As a first step, we applied Prime TSR’s proprietary performance diagnostics approach to identify the root cause of the system outages. This included collecting internal systems inventory, monitoring performance issues and analyzing the gathered data.

Armed with this information, we implemented a stabilization initiative for existing applications. We then designed a roadmap to address long-term solutions for aligning infrastructure, architecture, development and operations to match the pace of business growth. The roadmap prioritized the solutions based on the level of impact and varying degrees of complexity.

With this foundation in place, the next phase of the engagement focused on transforming backend operational infrastructure to an integrated, Cloud-based, solution that could be scaled to meet growing business demands.

Real Results

Real Results

With a new backend infrastructure in place, our client was able to resolve the immediate concerns of its customer base and provide a high level of assurance in the reliability of its service far into the future. As a result, the company has:

  • Reduced outage frequency by 92%

  • Increased core product performance speed by 50%

  • Increased service level agreement compliance from 35% to 87%

  • Shifted technical resources to long-term product strategy

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