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Fine-tuning Data integration engine keeps company in the lead

Good data analytics capabilities can improve nearly any business. But when your business is data analytics, you secure your future by engaging Prime TSR.

Real Business

The world’s largest measurement and data analytics company has operations in over 100 countries, covering more than 90% of the world's population.

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Real Quandary

The company had built its 90-year reputation on scientific rigor and innovation in analytics and reporting of consumer and market data for the media, advertising, retail and consumer goods industries.

When the company found that its once state-of-the-art data analytics system was no longer achieving optimal results, they turned to Prime TSR.

Real Quandary
Real Skills

Real Skills

Our systems thinking, business-first team put its combined capabilities to work:

  • Solution Architecture
  • Data Architecture
  • Integration Architecture

Real Solutions

Utilizing our “30-60-90” process, which combines both short-term fixes and long term, sustainable solutions our team of architecture experts quickly got to work.

Short Term

The first 30 days centered on system diagnostics that would:

  • Determine the root cause of "triage" issues including processing challenges associated with large data sets and frequent lapses in service level agreements
  • Analyze heavy operational burden requiring a team of 60+ to manage data processing jobs
  • Quantify frequency of outages and errors resulting from system changes
  • Identify causes of delays in report generation

Long Term

Next the team developed a roadmap focused on "quick wins" (30-60 days) as well as short and longer-term changes (60-90 days) to improve the performance and usability the system in order to:

  • Decrease time-consuming and error-prone manual processes for operating the data processing platform
  • Automate and align configuration and validation processes
  • Improve tracking of ad-hoc requests in order expectations to meet customer
  • Prevent future system outages and failures
  • Streamline system operations and integrate with interdependent applications to maximize output
Real Results

Real Results

With a clear vision and a prioritized roadmap to address the issues at hand, the strategically timed changes led to significant improvements including:

  • Increased compliance with service level agreements by 35%

  • Reduced failure frequency by 70%

  • Reduced the operations team from 60+ to 23 people

  • Achieved over $1 million in annual operational savings, a 60% Return on Investment

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