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Data Warehouse Migration Goes from Triage to Triumph

When new data integration system falls short of expectation, Prime TSR stops the bleeding and creates long-term cloud-based solution.

Real Business

A U.S.- based global risk management and insurance company, with revenues of more $6 billion.

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Real Quandary

In order to provide brokers and clients with better access to real-time data and analytical insights, this global organization completed a significant effort to migrate its data warehouse. They had the right idea, but soon recognized that their current infrastructure allowed only a fraction of their 25,000 employees to access the system. Given the time and investment put into the new system, starting over was not an option.

Real Quandary

Prime Challenge

The client turned to Prime TSR to fix their immediate performance issues and devise a longer-term and comprehensive data warehouse solution for their mission-critical applications.

Real Skills

Real Skills

Our systems thinking, business-first team put its combined capabilities to work:

  • Diagnostics
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Solution Architecture
  • Data Architecture
  • Integration Architecture

Real Solutions

Our team of architecture and database experts launched Prime TSR’s proprietary “30-60-90” process, which allows our clients to see immediate results and long-term value.

Short term:

The first 30 days centered on getting the current system back on track.

  • Our on-site technical team identified the core problem and implemented a successful stop-gap solution from the existing database to a powerful, real-time database that provides access to critical reports and handles the needs of 25,000+ employees using the system daily.
  • To address the time-zone driven data delays plaguing customers in Europe and Australia, Prime TSR built a solution in Microsoft Azure that decreased the ETL process from six hours to one and allowed customer-facing teams get back to business.

Long term:

With the workaround doing its job, Prime TSR presented the cloud migration model as a permanent resolution to the company’s on-premise infrastructure. We guided the executive team and shared IT services teams on best-in-class solutions to produce a high-volume, maximum performance data warehouse for their mission-critical applications. During this phase we:

  • Designed iterative, usable proof-of-concept test cases that enabled our client to visualize the production-ready system and make smarter decisions, faster.
  • Walked the executive team through the positive impacts of moving from a capital expenditure model to an operating model.
  • Implemented weekly improvements, which had an immediate positive impact on their global workforce.
Real Results

Real Results

Confident in the value of our evidence-based solution, our client partnered with Prime TSR to execute its first ever cloud migration utilizing the Microsoft Azure platform. In addition to IT impact, the new system has translated into business outcome improvements including:

With new, improved strategic information and insights, the new system has helped our client to better serve thousands of customers and has laid the foundation for future cloud migration and far reaching business modernization improvements.

  • Data access

  • Scalability

  • Predictable performance

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