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Cloud-based systems integration resolves recruiting challenges for global enterprise

When disjointed data created a staffing nightmare, Prime TSR developed a single pane of glass solution to improve visibility into data and staffing efficiency without disrupting the company’s “way of life

Real Business

A leading global professional services firm that employs more than 400,000 people in more than 120 countries.

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Real Quandary

When forming a project team in the consulting world, the first line of attack is to search in-house for available professionals with the right skill set and experience. If internal resources are not available, companies often hire full-time or contract employees to fill voids. However, for this global consultancy, this protocol became muddled by dozens autonomous recruitment systems across the globe. To systematize the data and create a global staffing solution, the company turned to Prime TSR

Real Quandary
Real Skills

Real Skills

Our Systems thinking, business-first team put its combined capabilities to work:

  • Data Integration
  • Analytics
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Solution Development

Real Solutions

When Prime TSR came on the scene, our client’s staffing needs were being fulfilled by multiple technology systems, specific to each geographic region. These systems worked well within their regions, but only contained local staffing requirements, resulting in inefficient use of global talent and unnecessary hiring. With multiple internal systems as well as dozens of staffing agencies, college recruiting and external job postings, the ability to efficiently staff projects became arduous and made it difficult to compete against smaller, more connected organizations. In addition, because the regional systems were autonomous, the company was unable to utilize data to predict future global hiring needs. Replacing the regional staffing systems with a singular integrated solution, was seen as an undertaking which would be disruptive and could potentially take years to complete. Instead, Prime TSR created “Talent Pipeline 360” (TP360) -- a central hub that could seamlessly extract data from each of the regional platforms and provide visibility into all recruiting needs and professional availability globally.

Phase 1: Planning and analysis

Working with the client to understand its requirements, Prime TSR determined that the best course of action would be to create a new system that would:

  • Provide the capability to create and view open roles from any regional staffing platform, and update every platform with global staffing information
  • Incorporate predictive analytics capability to determine future hiring needs
  • Provide robust monitoring capabilities and dashboards to facilitate smooth operation of the platform
  • Additionally, the client requirements called for Prime TSR to build TP360 entirely in the cloud by leveraging Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Phase 2: Implementation

Prime TSR’s architects and developers worked collaboratively with a 40-person development team in the client’s office in the Philippines. The team developed a project implementation roadmap that focused on delivering value quickly. Designed using micro-services architecture, the solution made it easy to add new features and release them frequently. Following the initial buildout of the DevOps pipeline and services framework, the team was able to integrate a new regional staffing system into TP360 every 4-6 weeks.

Real Results

Real Results

In addition to the primary benefits attained from streamlining staffing needs, by architecting in the Cloud and leveraging its PaaS capabilities, the new system has produced operational and technical benefits including:

  • Ability to easily and quickly make functional changes and add features

  • No downtime required for deployment of new releases

  • Detection and prevention of potential issue before affecting users

  • Elimination of server management and maintenance

  • 40% estimated savings in infrastructure spend

  • 70% reduction in the number of people required to operate the platform

  • 5% reduction in consultant “bench time” and reduction in contractor spending by more than $10 million annually

  • Accolades including internal award for “Architecture Design of the Year”

  • Predictive analytics produce more strategic and precise recruiting data

  • Integrated data from the company’s existing CRM

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