Application Architect

Who we are:

Prime TSR is an award-winning boutique Cloud consultancy with a diverse group of senior technologists that come with heavyweight consulting backgrounds and a passion for modernizing technology.

  • Catalysts for digital transformation with an extreme focus on modernizing companies with Cloud-native solutions
  • Partner with Fortune 1000 companies across industries including healthcare, insurance, and professional services
  • Advanced AWS Partner
  • Microsoft Managed Partner
  • #10 on Crain’s Best Places to Work in Chicago

Where we see this role going:

  • This individual will immediately step in to own application delivery for critical Client engagements. Looking for people with high accountability that give a damn and feel proud of their work.
  • Over time, the experience and skills forged from this role can lead to greater expectations, responsibility, and ‘surface area’; architecting and solutioning on a larger ‘canvas’.
  • They will also plug into our collective brain share to help evolve and expand the way we deliver solutions. We are constantly learning and exploring together.

The hats you may wear:

  • “Architect” – extreme focus on the inner workings of the Application – extra credit for tending to DevOps and Infrastructure needs.
  • Solutionist – you can innovate and solve tough, interesting problems with a ‘Bias For Action’.
  • Team Leader – motivate and guide a band of hungry technologists; in the weeds and side-by-side.
  • People Manager – exhibits empathy and individual coaching.

Real World Competencies and Examples: 

  • Application Architecture Subject-Matter-Expert: If you are comfortable as a ‘go-to person’ for specific tools/skills/approaches as well as being a peer reviewer, this role is for you.
  • Internal Influence/Impact: If your knowledge and value-add has the potential to span multiple teams, spreading your impact throughout the company, this role is for you.
  • Impact Aware (Client-Facing): If discovering and measuring the Client impact of your work excites and motivates you, this role is for you.
  • Mentor and Coach: If you are a natural leader, capable of mentoring and career coaching your direct reports with high empathy, this role is for you.
  • Strong Communicator: If you’ve mastered the art of clear, concise communication to Client stakeholders and your team, with high self-awareness and emotional intelligence, this role is for you.
  • Love For Software Engineering: Kinda goes without saying, but this is what we do. If you love to engross yourself in the patterns and practices of software development with an emphasis on quality, this role is for you.
  • Hands-on Contributor: If you like to get your hands dirty in the work, allowing you to see your plans and vision through to go live, this role is for you.

Helpful Superpowers:

  • Delivering full-stack applications into the Cloud; both traditional n-tier and microservice architectures (BTW, we deal with a ton of .NET in AWS)
  • Multi-Cloud Curiosity - AWS is huge for us; Azure is great and applicable to learning AWS; GCP is kinda interesting to us
  • Architecture design, patterns, and estimation skills
  • Serverless development experience
  • Relational and NoSQL databases (SQL Server, MySQL, DynamoDB, etc.)
  • Automated Unit Testing (AUT) practices
  • DevOps pipelines for automated deployments of code into Cloud environments
  • TypeScript with Angular, React, and/or Vue